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Runno Zombo is an infinite runner game.

The Zombo Apocalypse is happening! You'll need to cross the city to escape! Don't forget to kill some Zombos too!


[Z] Jump/Climb.  [X] Stab/Shoot. [C] Loot Buildings.

Press [C] and wait until the survivor goes across the screen to start.

How To Play:

The objective is to get as far as possible. Make sure you don't trip on the garbage cans or you'll fall behind and die! Press Z to Jump.

If you run into a Zombo, you will explode and die. Press X to attack Zombo with your knife if you're close enough to it. If you have a gun with ammo, press X to fire it. 

When you enter a store, repeatedly press the C button to loot the building. Buildings may contain ammo for weapons or pages for new weapons.

You may encounter two story buildings as you progress further, repeatedly press Z near the ladder to jump to the next floor.

Created for Game Maker's Toolkit Jam

Runno Zombo demonstrates the dual-function of each key (except for the pickup button). The survivor can jump or climb the ladder; It allows the player to choose between two shops and/or the safer rooftop path. The survivor can shoot or stab zombies; he has to use ammo to kill zombies while conserving it by stabbing zombies. If you're not judging for the Jam, its recommended to play the new 1.1 version of the game.

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Created by SunnyTie Productions:

TheBurnerGuy: Project Lead, Programming
Spartawarrior: Art, 1.1 Update Programming

Created with GameMaker: Studio, for GMTK-JAM 2017.
Sound Effects/Music created with http://www.bfxr.net/

Published Jul 17, 2017
Tagsgamemaker-studio, infinite-runner, Zombies
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Game Maker's Toolkit Version: Just run the .exe to play!

Post-Jam Version: Extract the files into a folder and then run the .exe to play.


Game Maker's Toolkit Jam Version 2 MB
1.1 - Post-Jam Version 2 MB

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